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COMOX VALLEY TENNIS CLUB                                                                                         CELEBRATING COMMUNITY TENNIS

Junior Night at the Comox Valley Tennis Club ! 

Anderton Courts 1-4 have been booked Friday from 6:00-7:30

Registration for Friday Junior Nights is now closed.  Please contact Catherine Black at catblack@shaw.ca if you wish to put on a waiting list.  If there is enough interest we may put on a second session later in the season.

We are starting a different tack this year.  The goal is to offer a version of the experience adult club members enjoy.  Junior nights will focus on playing tennis in a fun social environment, with the added benefit of having coach Simon on hand to organize games and work with players to improve both skills and tactics.  Junior members should already be able to play games independently.  Lessons for children too young to play tennis independently and for absolute beginners will be offered through municipal recreation centres and privately through simontennis.ca  

Unfortunately Covid Restrictions do not allow us to open the clubhouse, travel to other clubs or put on Tournaments - but it's something we are hoping to do in the future.    As junior members improve their skills (and get the green light from Simon) they are welcome to join the adult leagues and events at no extra cost. 

As we are still uncertain what the Covid-19 restrictions will look like in the spring and summer of 2021 registration is currently through Comox Rec.    In the meantime, please consider renewing junior memberships or signing up as a new junior club member .  The annual membership fee is $20.   This will allow us to contact you as we become more certain of specifics regarding numbers, dates and costs.  Membership fees also contribute to the activities of the club in general, such as court maintenance, clubhouse lease, and insurance.  

Multiple Family Members ***

Note that the system requires a unique email address for each membership (the email address is the login user id) - you cannot have more than 1 family member with the same email address for memberships or registration for programs.  If you have multiple family members and they don't each have their own email address you can either:

  1. If you have a gmail or hotmail account, e.g. simon@gmail.com, and your children are named e.g. Catherine and Tony, you can enter simon+catherine@gmail.com and simon+tony@gmail.com as the email addresses and emails will go to simon@gmail.com. Or:
  2. Create a new email address for the other family member using gmail, Hotmail, yahoo, etc. (note that if you are concerned about a younger child having an email account you can use a delegated account so you have access) or: 
  3. Use a valid email for the first member, eg john.doe@shaw.ca and then dummy email addresses for subsequent memberships (you can add a 1, 2, etc., eg john.doe1@shaw.ca or use their name, eg jane.doe@shaw.ca as long as it is different).  Since passwords are normally emailed to you when you register you will have to email the administrator (membership@comoxvalleytennis.org) and ask them to set a password on the dummy email account(s). If you are paying online the payment screen requires entry of an email address, which can be different from the one used for membership, so if you are paying for a child you enter your email info in the payment screen so the receipts will be emailed to your email address.

Note that program updates are sent out by email, so if you have multiple children enrolled have at least one valid email address and check it regularly!!!


  • There are no discounts or refunds for dates where a player is unable to attend
  • There are no discounts or refunds for inclement weather days
  • If a player provides advance notice that they are unable to attend a booked program, credit for another program may be provided (on a case by case basis)

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