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COMOX VALLEY TENNIS CLUB                                                                                         CELEBRATING COMMUNITY TENNIS

Upcoming events

    • 01 Apr 2022
    • 5:30 PM
    • 31 Aug 2022
    • 8:30 PM

    Singles Box Ladder League

    League begins April 1 and ends August 31 . Courts are not booked, players are to arrange their own matches.   All registrants will receive a link to a google sheet.   Use this link to see who you are playing and to record your scores.   The link is "live" and will be used throughout the season.

    There is no limit to the number of registrants and all levels are welcome.   The bigger the ladder, the better it works !

    You can remove yourself from the league at any time  by contacting Simon.  info@simontennis.ca

    • 25 Apr 2022
    • 5:30 PM
    • 31 Aug 2022
    • 8:30 PM
    • Anderton Park

     Doubles Box Ladder League

    League begins April 25 and ends August 31 . Play will be at the Anderton Park courts. 

    All registrants will receive a link to a google sheet, where they can mark their availability during this period.


    • All play is doubles. All genders play together. Everyone who signs up is initially seeded and placed into boxes of four players. Three sets will be played as each player will partner with every other player on their court
    • Players play a set or one-half hour whichever first occurs. If a set is not completed in the one-half hour time allotted, the set score will stand.
    • Points are scored according to games won. For instance, player Serena wins her first set 6-2 so gains 6 points, loses her second set 3-6 so gains 3 points and her last set is 4-3 (time-up) so she gains 4 more points.  Her total score then is 13. If she has top score in her box she moves up and if she has lowest score in her box she moves down. Otherwise she stays in her same box.  If the score is tied at the end of three sets the lower ranked player at the start of the evening moves up and, conversely, the higher ranked player moves down.   
    • For a complete description and rules click here

    • The first 32 registrants have priority placement . i.e. they are guaranteed to have a spot in one of the boxes.  But as people are often away or injured, registrants after #32 are slotted into the boxes in the order they appear on the list.  You don't have to find a spare as long as you note your absence in the sheet before 6 pm on Saturday.  No shows will be put on the bottom of the registration list and lose their guaranteed placement in the boxes. 

    • 05 May 2022
    • 5:30 PM
    • 30 Jun 2022
    • 8:30 PM
    • Anderton Park
    Registration is closed

    Thursday Night Doubles League starts Thursday May 5th.

    Sign up with your partner for the Thursday night spring Doubles League.  Open to women’s, men’s and mixed teams.  You will be seeded based on your level and will have the chance to progress to the next level depending on your results.

    This league is for teams only.  If you don’t have a partner, please join in the Monday night group.

    Deadline for registration is April 22.

    Registrants will be contacted about start times (5:30 or 7:00 pm) once the schedules are set

    Courts are booked for this league from May 5th to June 30th.

    • 28 May 2022
    • 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM
    • Anderton Clubhouse

    The annual Comox Valley Tennis Club's "Meet and Greet" .  Welcome both New and Not so New members and some really old members as well!

    Date: Saturday May 28th


    9:30 AM for check in,  Carefully brewed Coffee and Magnificent Muffins

    10:00 AM- Tennis *

    12:00 PM - Lunch - Scrumptious Salads, Breath takingly delicious Barbequed Burgers and a Dessert to Die for.

    1:00 PM -  Even more Tennis

     "Come join us" !!!  

     *Social Tennis :  Pick your court doubles

    Place your racquet in the queue corresponding to the court you feel like playing on.  First four in line go on court.

    Once on court, play one set of FAST FOURS – no ad scoring, first team to 4 games wins.  After the set all 4 players get off the court, place their racquets in their queue of choice.

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